Aluminum Honeycomb Panels Manufacturers

As an aluminum honeycomb panels manufacturers, we are an expert stainless steel product provider. The primary items are steel sheets, plates, coils, pipes, tubes, bars, circles, square steel, hexagonal bars, tubes, fittings for steel pipes, flanges, etc. Additionally, we can create according to customer requirements. Our organization has a production capability of about 200,000 tons annually.

The firm has its own research and development, manufacturing, and sales departments for stainless steel. However, its total floor space is roughly 60,000 square meters. We, as aluminum honeycomb panels manufacturers, collaborate closely with our clients to deliver specialized solutions that precisely meet their project’s needs. Thus, our team is made up of seasoned workers who are specialists in the production of aluminum honeycomb panels.

Reliable Aluminum Honeycomb Panels Manufacturers

We, as aluminum honeycomb panels manufacturers, recognize the value of timely delivery and work hard to complete projects on time without sacrificing quality. Also, our prices are reasonable without sacrificing the quality of our goods. Our panels are incredibly lightweight, making them perfect for use in the aerospace and transportation industries where weight reduction is important. Our panels’ have remarkable structural integrity and strength.

We, as stainless steel room partition supplier, are aware that every project has specific needs. Therefore, to satisfy your unique demands, we provide customizable choices in terms of size, thickness, and surface treatments. The superior thermal insulation that our panels offer can help with energy efficiency and sustaining cozy temperatures in a variety of applications.


Aluminum honeycomb panels’ strength?

Extremely strong, light, even, and fireproof, aluminum honeycomb panels are also environmentally friendly and insulating. 

What uses does a honeycomb made of aluminum have?

Sandwich panels employ aluminum honeycomb as the core material.

How thick is a honeycomb panel made of aluminum?

The aluminum honeycomb panel is 20mm thick overall, and 12mm thick.

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