Stainless Steel Wine Cabinet

Stainless Steel Wine Cabinet Suppliers

We, as stainless steel wine cabinet suppliers, started in 2005 as an international commerce corporation. We specialize in the import and export of furniture, tools, and building supplies. Also, we provide fasteners and screws, iron artwork, scaffolding, stainless steel and aluminum products, home furnishings, and other items. These are our primary import and export business dealings. Europe, Middle and South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa make up our key markets.

We, as stainless steel wine cabinet suppliers, specialize in offering top-notch wine storage options that incorporate durability, aesthetics, and utility. However, our stainless steel wine cabinets are made to fit your demands. Whether you’re a professional in the hospitality business or a wine enthusiast wishing to display your collection. Our wine cabinets are appropriate for both home and commercial settings since they are made with space efficiency in mind.

Serving the Best as Stainless Steel Wine Cabinet Suppliers

We, as stainless steel wine cabinet suppliers, make our wine cabinets expertly from the highest-quality stainless steel components. Thus, guaranteeing durability and resistance to corrosion. Each cabinet is meticulously crafted, ensuring a sleek and contemporary appearance that will improve any area. However, modern temperature control systems are in our wine cabinets, enabling you to keep your wine collection in the ideal conditions.

Your wines will be preserved at their best conditions, retaining their flavor and fragrance thanks to adjustable temperature settings. Because we, as stainless steel cladding manufacturers, know that every wine collection is different, we give our cabinets adjustable possibilities. To meet your unique needs and preferences, pick from a variety of sizes, shelf arrangements, and finishes.


What’s the process of a stainless steel wine cooler?

The wine cooler has a remarkable double-walled structure that provides insulation.

What does a wine cabinet serve?

The ideal conditions for both short- and long-term wine storage are provided by wine cabinets.

In a wine cabinet, what do you keep?

You may keep Champagne and sparkling wines in your wine fridge along with mixers and water.


Product Description
Description Stainless Steel Detachable Cabinet
Specification 1. Size: customized
2. Material: 201/304/316
3. Color: black/gold/rose gold, etc.
4. Technology: PVD coating, welding, bending, etc.
Service 1. OEM & ODM
2. Online service
3. Professional project solution
Lead Time About 15 days
Payment 40% TT deposit + 60% balance before shipping
Application 1. Kitchen, hotel, Supermarket, villa, office.

Stainless Steel Wine Cabinet
Stainless Steel Wine Cabinet
Stainless Steel Wine Cabinet
Stainless Steel Wine Cabinet
Stainless Steel Wine Cabinet

Frequently Asked Question

  • 1. Professional team
    Over 10 years of experience on stainless steel sheet sheets, trim strips, and Screen.
    Providing design & fabrication solutions for metal architectural decoration projects.
  • 2. Multiple Options
    We supply all kinds of Stainless Steel Products, over 5000 products for your selection.
  • 3. How can I get some samples?
    Small samples in store and can provide the samples for free.
    Catalogue is available, most patterns we have samples in stock,
    Customized samples will take about 3-5days.
  • 4. Superior service
    High quality, Fast delivery, Reasonable price, Manufacturing factory,
    Direct selling and 24-hour online service.
  • 5. OEM and ODM service
    OEM is acceptable and meets your custom needs.
  • 6. Flexible MOQ
    Any quantity is available if we have your specification in stock.


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